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Vladimir Kokorev and President Obiang Invest Into New York Real Estate.

Vladimir Kokorev and President Obiang Invest in New York Real Estate. The luxurious apartments and buildings purchased by the son of a Russian money launderer Vladimir Kokorev is the evidence of how easy it is to hide the origin of stolen money and convert it into real estate investments. Despite the serious actions taken by the US authorities and Anti Corruption department, law firms and lawyers from New York offer services to hide the identity and the origin of the money of their clients. Big money create a win-win situation for the lawyer and a client to hide the money and for the real estate lawyer to sell an expensive property. The laws are created in a way that allows money launderers to freely invest and live a comfortable life in the middle of the world’s largest megapolis. One of the most notorious examples is Lucida Building in New York. Here, Kokorev’s youngest son purchased an apartment for 9 740 000 million dollars. The apartment that was sold by Gisella Vergara from Douglas Elliman Real Estate Firm, together with Guy...

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Google May Owe Millions in Taxes to Indonesian Government.

Google May Owe Millions in Taxes to Indonesian Government. The Indonesian office claims that Google may owe to pay the bill of more than 400 million dollars. Investigation process started on Monday, says the head of the tax offcie Muhhamad Hanif. According to the Google Indonesia, they continue to work with the government authorities and have paid all the applicable taxes. The tax office claims that Google paid less than 0,1% of the total income it owed last year. If the investigation proves the guilt of the company, Google would have to pay fines in the amount up to 418 million dollars in 2015. The biggest amount of income produced in Indonesia is reserved at Google Asia Pacific in Singapore. Normally, Indonesian court takes up to 3 years to decide on a tax criminal case. However, it is very uncommon for a tax structure to take a corporate investigation into criminal case.

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Roberto Moreno Obando Plans New Media Attacks for Kokorev’s Cash

Roberto Moreno Obando Plans New Media Attacks for Kokorev’s Cash For years members of the Kokorev family successfully stored the dirty money through the companies Garmin Trading S.A and Statega LTD (Klaipeda). The family transferred the money they stole into the US banks in New York. For now, the lawyer of the Kokorev´s, Roberto Moreno Obando tries to hide the origin of Kokorev´s stolen millions. He puts incredible efforts to use second-rate online media resources suhh as Israel Messenger and Madrid Code to make Vladimir Kokorev look innocent. Madrid Code is directly related to the personal media manager of Teodoro Obiang who is linked to the money laundering investigation of Vladimir Kokorev. Fausto Abeso, minister of energy in Equatorial Guinea and the Kokorev family laundered in excess 600 million dollars through the US banks and Vladimir Kokorev junior who has strong bribing connections in the NY banks. The details of their criminal schemes have been leaked in Mossack Fonseca scandal. Roberto Moreno and his son are looking to destroy the reputation of Ramon Fonseca Mora, senior partner in prestigious Panama...

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The Debut of IPhone 7

The Debut of IPhone 7 The Apple is launching its new iPhone 7 on Wednesday. The gadget is expected to have a success in its new features and appearance. However, many consumers and investors are already setting their sights on Apple new 2017 version of the popular gadget, hoping for more significant advances. Analysts predict that Apple will give its main product a big makeover every other year. The last major redesign was the iPhone 6, in 2014. The modest updates suggest that this cycle will be three years. The number of sales of the iPhone dropped two quarters in a row this year, the first declines in the history of the device. Many experts are advising to hold off the purchase on upgrading until the next year’s version, which will mark the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. Analysts say the iPhone 8 may feature a wider display that reaches from one edge of the device to the other and a home button integrated into the screen. Consumers are waiting longer before replacing their phones. Analysts predict the Apple Watch...

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The Secrets of Vladimir Kokorev

According to Vladimir Kokorev, he is a professor of Russian history but for the Spanish Judicial Police, investigating his money laundering case, he is an alleged front man of Teodoro Obiang clan. Kokorev told the district attorney that he was dedicated to freight transport in Africa of which he owned three boats and the 26.4 million dollars (19.9 million euros) he received in Las Palmas from a Treasury account of Equatorial Guinea came from these activities. However, when he was offered to take a polygraph test, Vladimir Kokorev simply denied. This makes the case more complicated with the facts Vladimir is trying to hide. Kalunga Company, SA is a Panamanian company of Vladimir Kokorev and his wife, Julia Kokoreva , a journalist.  According to the Spanish Anti- Corruption Prosecutor, they received on Santander bank account in Las Palmas a sum of 19.9 million euros from the Oil account opened by Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang at Riggs bank of New York. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor investigates the alleged laundering in Spain of that money. A report of the Judicial Police referred...

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The Dirty Money of Grupo Corcione

The Dirty Money of Grupo Corcione (Roberto Moreno Obando and Leonardo – Leonardo Paul Aparicio) Nicolas Corcione’s name comes up on the one hand as a man who holds a position of a member of the Panama Canal Board f Directors and on the other hand, his name inevitable associates with scandals of bribery, money laundering and corruption. Corcione’s name is also been related to several illegal money laundering schemes. The former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli who fled the country in January 2015, was also charged with embezzlement, corruption and illegal spying on businessmen and politicians while he was holding his position as a president of Panama. Now, Martinelli is allegedly hiding in Miami, paying judges to avoid his extradition back to Panama. The fugitive president reportedly requested for political asylum in the USA. Martinelli’s lawyers, Roberto Moreno Obando and Leonardo Paul Aparicio, now do the dirty job for the client. The two lawyers are suspected to use the money of Vladimir Kokorev, who is currently in jail for money laundering from Equatorial Guinea. The Kokorev’s money are used...

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The EU Taxes for the Apple Company. The EU tax regulation imposes a 13 billion euro bill on Apple Company.

The EU Taxes for the Apple Company. The EU tax regulation imposes a 13 billion euro bill on Apple Company. This week EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager addressed how anybody may think a plan that permitted Apple to pay an assessment rate of 0.005 percent, as Apple’s primary Irish unit did in 2014, was reasonable. “They just picked a number from I don’t know where,” Cook told the Irish Independent, assessing Apple’s normal yearly duty on its benefits at 26 percent. Cook said he would battle intimately with Ireland to topple the decision, which he said had “no premise in law or truth be told”. It is by a long shot the biggest hostile to rivalry punishment forced on an organization by the EU. “Nobody did anything incorrectly here and we have to stand together. Ireland is being singled out and this is unsuitable,” Cook told the daily paper, including that inclination against multinationals from the United States may have been a component in the choice to force the bill. “I feel that Apple was focused here,” he said. “What’s...

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Roberto Moreno Obando Files More Lawsuits Against Spanish Newspapers EL PAIS and EL MUNDO.

Roberto Moreno Obando Files More Lawsuits Against Spanish Newspapers EL PAIS and EL MUNDO. While the top client of Roberto Moreno Obando, Vladimir Kokorev is in jail, being accused of money laundering, the lawyer keeps filing a long list of legal lawsuits. The list of desperate legal processes that he creates has no end. The journalist investigation of EL PAIS and EL MUNDO, got Moreno’s client, Vladimir Kokorev imprisoned for almost a year now for money laundering, corruption and smuggling. The process is getting more complicated with more parties and evidences of investigation that have been involved.

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Vladimir Kokorev Continues to Throw Shade from Behind the Bars

Vladimir  Kokorev Continues to Throw Shade from Behind the Bars Despite the fact that Vladimir Kokorev is now in jail for almost a year for money laundering process, the businessmen manages to sponsor with his filthy money the media attacks on people who dare to talk on his deeds. It is not a surprise that Kokorev portraits himself as a man of a deeply Jewish beliefs while he himself doesn’t follow none of the most fundamental Jewish postulates. Moreover, he wants the world to see him as a generous, carrying man despite the fact that he uses the stolen money to bait people that can serve him for his shady and dubious plans. The list of his victims is endless, starting with the Equatorial Guinea President. The dirty money of Vladimir Kokorev has done a lot of harm and destruction. In November 2012, a lawyer from Canary islands got a whole of secret documents from an ongoing investigation which dates back to 2003, for money laundering, tax fraud, racketeering, and illegal smuggling of laundered money into New York, to be later cleaned...

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The Money Laundering Scheme of Vladimir Kokorev’s Family

The original evidences of a famously known Russian crook, Vladimir Kokorev have been released last week by the sources of online newspaper Madrid Code. According to their sources, the Russian businessmen Vladimir Kokorev  who is currently in jail, tried to launder money of the Equatorial Guinea government. From March to April 2014 Vladimir Kokorev made desperate attempts to launder 10,000,000 usd into the USA banking system from Equatorial Guinea government accounts for his son, who is currently at fugitive hiding in New York. Vladimir Kokorev managed to succeed in reaching his goal with the assistance of his elder son Igor and a Swiss banker named Peter Schneider who is also wanted by USA justice department to bring the light to the usage of the USA banking system to smuggle illegitimate funds of Equatorial Guinea into the USA banks. Madrid Code has indicated US investigators are currently in Panama seeking information. Madrid Code also provides information that Kokorev , as has been ratified by Hermanos Martinez, long time business men in Equatorial Guinea, that Vladimir Kokorev was no shipping magnate and...

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Vladimir Kokorev Companies Are Linked to Money Laundering

Kokorev Companies Are Linked to Money Laundering The president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang has a lot of explanation to make regarding a large amount of vessels that were purchased for the money of Equatorial Guinea government. According to the Anti-Corruption committee of Spain, companies that all belonged to one family of Vladimir Kokorev helped to purchase and sell among themselves the same vessels for the money of the Equatorial Guinea government. Now, as the Russian owner of the companies Vladimir Kokorev and his family are being caught for money laundering, and imprisoned in Spain, the more revealing facts come up. According to the registry reports in Panama, the vessels of these agreements Rio Ekuku, Rio Utamboni, Rio Kie and Rio Mikue never changed the register name of the owner, and still remain in Panama. The companies of Vladimir and Igor Kokorev made it seem that the vessels were sold to different owners, however, the millions that were laundered on these agreements remained on his bank account. The sources link a list of companies that belong to Kokorev family and...

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The British Pound Collapse

The British Pound Collapse Many people already lost cash in this post-Brexit breakdown of the pound. Everybody’s wages have endured a profound. Just as reserve funds did. The truth is that all types of cash in sterling is worth less after the coin tumbled to a 31-year low against the dollar and three-year low against the euro. Unfortunately, the pound’s purchasing power is reduced and can purchase less euros, dollars and yen. At 5pm (London time) on 5 July the pound was sliding to $1.30, well down from $1.57 last August. The pound purchases 132 yen when a year ago it could purchase 193. Against the euro, the pound has collapsed from quite recently beneath €1.45 enrolled in 2015 to underneath €1.20 today. It additionally pushes up the expense of products and administrations in the UK. Unless the products and administrations are totally made in Britain, they will cost more. Even more, that implies most things will go up in cost since it is hard to discover things that are not either made abroad or have some component made abroad....

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More Legal Troubles for Roberto Moreno Obando

More Legal Troubles for Roberto Moreno Obando A story of messy affairs of the Panamanian lawyer, Roberto Moreno Obando continues according to the Spanish reports. Just recently, the Spanish intelligence issued a warrant to question Roberto Moreno on money he received from Metropolitan Commercial Bank of New York. The police suspects Vladimir Kokorev junior to be the one to send the money. Yet the police want to officially question Roberto Moreno on who and how he received almost 1 million. His main legal client, Vladimir Kokorev is in jail, although his youngest son is hiding in New York. Now, Moreno upon entering the European Union will be detained and placed under custody of Spanish intelligence, the police says. The Swiss banker Peter Schneider with a revoked US visa is suspected to be linked to these shady transactions. Besides, the questionable source of a one million transactions, Moreno is also involved in legal lawsuits with his former wife. As the sources mention, Roberto Moreno Obando recently kicked out his daughters who are minors, out of his house while purchased BMW and...

The digital newspaper LA OPINION PANAMA is accused of deformation and forging the documents in case of Vladimir Kokorev and his family. 2


Filthy Rant of LA OPINION PANAMA The digital newspaper LA OPINION PANAMA is accused of deformation and forging the documents in case of Vladimir Kokorev and his family. This month, LA OPINION PANAMA, an online news magazine, failed to provide accurate follow up on the criminal case of a Russian crook who was taken to prison in Spain last year. The article posted by LA OPINION PANAMA, refers to Kokorev’s former lawyer who allegedly is connected to the Kokorev’s family extradition to Spain. LA OPINION PANAMA references to second-rate online sources such as Madrid Code and Israeli Messenger, skipping the official documents and investigations provided by EL PAIS journalists. Despite the desperate efforts of the legal representative of Kokorev, Roberto Moreno Obando to influence the media, none of them is still able to provide legal proofs of their innocence. One of such attempts is an article of LA OPINION PANAMA that claims to provide some sort of evidences that create an alternative line of investigation. However, this attempt failed as well. According to the reports of Spanish police, the so-called...

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Panama Canal

Panama Canal In the midst of blasting firecrackers and waving hails, a Chinese boat conveying more than 9,000 holders entered the recently extended locks that will twofold the Panama channel’s ability. A few tugboats pulled the vessel, Cosco Shipping Panama, into the new bolts at Agua Clara on Sunday under a shady sky in Cólon territory, about around 50 miles north of Panama City. “This is the course that joins the world,” said Panama’s leader, Juan Carlos Varela. As the boat set out toward the Pacific Ocean, the trench manager, Jorge Luis Quijano, said: “This new travel course is the tip of the ice shelf in making Panama at the end of the day the logistic focal point of the Americas. Furthermore, it speaks to a noteworthy open door for the nations of the locale to enhance their framework, expand their fares.” A large number of Panamanians who started assembling before day break to witness the initiation of the waterway’s development waved the national banner as a band struck up. “It’s a one-time encounter, an awesome accomplishment,” said Felicia Penuela,...

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The Prices on Gold Benefit from Brexit

The Prices on Gold Benefit from Brexit There are numerous reasons to celebrate the date of June 24, because Britain’s decision to leave the EU sent gold prices soaring. But the rise of the precious metal is also a symptom of the fear that Brexit is unleashing on the global economy. Other commodities that are more dependent upon global demand, such as oil, fell sharply. After a tremendous rally subsequent to the start of this current year, the items markets were powerless against a stun. Flexible investments and other cash chiefs had developed enormous wagers on rising costs. In the meantime, inflows into trade exchanged assets connected to gold have been predictable since the begin of the year, as indicated by Deutsche Bank. The elevated financial vulnerability in the consequence of the Brexit vote may actuate more speculators to heap into gold, which rose to about $1,315 an ounce on June 24th, up by 4.7% on the earlier day. At a young hour in the day it encountered its greatest spike following the worldwide money related emergency in 2008. The...

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Italian Mafia Boss is Finally Captured

Italian Mafia Boss is Finally Captured Italy’s second most wanted mafia boss, Ernesto Fazzalari, was captured on Sunday after very nearly two decades on the run, caught by the paramilitary carabinieri police.  Fazzalari, of the infamous Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, Italy’s wealthiest and most powerful criminal organization, had been fugitive since June 1996. He was the nation’s second most wanted mafia boss as far as impact and risk to society behind Matteo Messina Denaro, of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra mafia, the police said. Fazzalari, 46, faces a lifelong imprisonment, having as of now been attempted in absentia and found guilty of murde, mafia violations, drug trafficking, theft and illegal possession of weapons. He was found in the early hours on Sunday in a house in a remote and rocky range of the Calabria district on the southern tip of terrain Italy and did not resist the police. Fazzalari was at the head of one of several family-based gangs that control quite a bit of Calabrian society and make unlimited benefits through the import and sale of drugs. Federico Cafiero de Raho, of...

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The Oil Prices in Saudi-Arabia

The Oil Prices in Saudi-Arabia Saudi Arabia is talking the oil market up recently. That is a major change from a couple of months when it was talking the business sector down. Actually, Saudi Arabia has been doing significantly more than talking the oil market up – it has been climbing oil costs. It was back in February when Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s petroleum minister at the time, told Americans that they would be smashed by the business sector. By an oil oversupply, that is, because of the way that they didn’t have the cost structure to survive an on-going value war that undermined to take oil near $20 To begin with, the condition of the worldwide economy, which sets the pace for the interest for unrefined petroleum. Second, whether Iran will keep on pumping out oil to build piece of the pie, while undermining Saudi Arabia’s Aramco IPO arranges all the while. Furthermore, third, how rapidly Americans will re-open apparatuses—US rig tally has bee n turning north again lately. Meanwhile, oil markets ought to prop for another unpleasant ride...

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The Growing Number of Rich Women

  Women hold 30% of private riches on the planet, and the main part of it comes from the people who are independent, as indicated by a late Boston Consulting Group report. Without precedent for a long time, the yearly worldwide riches report took a gander at ladies and found that among those ladies with private total assets of $100,000 or more, 44% were independent, implying that they were business visionaries or organization representatives and had developed their riches autonomously. The other 27% got their riches through legacy, 15% through their companion, 9% through separation settlements, and 5% fell into a various class. Boston Consulting Group accomplice, Anna Zakrzewski noticed that the “sexual orientation pay hole is contracting” for the high rate of independent women in the gathering. Altogether, ladies’ private riches broke down in the examination signifies $39.6 trillion all inclusive, generally the same as the Asia-Pacific area’s $37 trillion in consolidated private riches property. Since BCG’s last report about women’s’ private riches, distributed in 2010 taking into account 2009 information, ladies’ aggregate worldwide riches has expanded 3%. At...

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